Audiophysical; atmosphere, texture, tone, and polyrhythmic beats weave a tapestry of sound to get deep with. Andre Lamb has spent a decade doing so and released a number of tunes into the wild via european indy labels and online platforms.

Hiperbole Records (DE), Deja Tunes (DE) and Millennium Jazz Music (UK) have put out Audiohysical’s music alongside self released material over the years.

Dub, Funk, Hip Hop, Jazz, Soul, Afro, Bass and Breaks are the springboard for any piece found in the Audiophysical discography to date. Inspired by meditative instrumentals and dusty analogue vibes, the music somewhat samples the past and present in even proportions, a medley of recordings, samples and various players.

Audiophysical is based in Canada once again in the lush environs of Vancouver Island, the Pacific North West having become home base to the travelling producer. Distilling the various influences of Australiasian, European and North American influences into an updated palette, Lamb is tinkering away on projects in his home studio once again.

“Relaxed, complex and crackling with synaptic sweeteners and saturated with seductive atmospherics Audiophysical delivers a bubbling broth of cool downtempo jazz seasoned with a savory dose of dubwise.” BC Musician magazine (CAN)